Following are some extracts from the MAME32 Arcade Emulator Documentation (probably the only Arcade game emulator around). On the Links page you'll find numerous links for downloading Mame32 game (ROM) files. Click HERE to go to that section (but remember the ROMs disclaimer on the homepage of Emulation+!)

Mame32 Documentation

This is an extract of the document prepared for the distribution package. For more information, visit:



Mame32 runs on Win9x, WinME, WinNT, and Win2k. Ensure you have at least DirectX5 for Win95/98 usually the higher version the better. SP4 or greater for NT4. (both available for download at Note for Windows 95 users [and NT4SP3]! Windows 95/NT may need the common controls update, available from the Microsoft web site, to prevent property sheet errors when going to options for the games or options/default options menu, it is called 401comupd.exe and was available here at the time of this writing:

Getting Started with Mame32

1. Download mame32 from the official site:
2. Create a directory/folder on your hard drive i.e. c:\mame32
3.  Open this directory and copy the just downloaded mame32 zip file into it.
4.  Using an archive program like WinZip or Pkunzip, extract the contents of the (ensure you use the -d option in Pkunzip to get recursed subdirectories) In WinZip select Extract from the Actions menu, be sure the Use folder names checkbox is checked.
5.  Place your game roms (readily available in convenient zip format) into the sub-directory called c:\mame32\roms, which you may have to create [note game roms are not distributed with Mame32]. It's preferable to leave the roms in their zip format, and just place the zip files into the \mame32\roms directory.
6.  Some games require sampled sounds, these are available at Place your sample zip files in our example into the sub-directory called c:\mame32\samples that you may have to create [note that the sample zips will have the same name as the game roms] Donkey Kong's roms are called and Donkey Kong's samples are also but they go in different directories.

Mame32 Graphic & Sound Settings

Optimal Sound Settings: these are toggled in the options > default options > sound & input dialogues. Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2k : Midas/44100 [note, using DirectSound may result in sound scratchiness and break-up in Creative Soundblaster cards]
Optimal Graphic Settings: are full screen with no doubling options. Most classic arcade games do not have analogous video modes/resolutions with today's video drivers. As such say you are trying to play Donkey Kong, its native original resolution was 224x256, the closest DirectX mode of most video cards today would be 512x384. Because of the disparity, Donkey Kong will play with black bands to all sides because it is less than the chosen resolution and cannot be 'stretched' at this point without support in the code. If you prefer to play your games in a window on your desktop, note that doubling your image slows things way down. I've also found it smoother in most games to have frameskipping turned off, assuming your machine can handle it.
Other Recommended Settings for Mame32: See Sound settings above. FMSynth/off . Frame-skip/unchecked [draw all frames] . DirectInput for keyboard & joystick/on . DrawOnlyChanges/on . DirectDrawithoff [this code is currently disabled and will appear gray] . Disable MMX/unchecked.
Remember: These are general recommendations; you may find that on your system with your hardware and drivers, other sound systems or video options work better. Don't be afraid to experiment. Also, not all video cards support the triple buffering option, and it is best-used fullscreen, 16bpp, doubled. Mame32 will attempt to force your monitor/video signal to the refresh of the game in question.

Mame32 Troubleshooting

As with any program there are bound to be some hiccups, here are some suggestions to common perceived difficulties. Also, please remember, Mame32 is based on the core MameDOS code - if a problem exists in the MameDOS code we inherit it. Always ensure before reporting problems with Mame32 that it *doesn't* happen in the DOS version. If it does, there's not much we can do about it. A note on the betas: In between full final releases, [.33b and .34b for example] MameDOS and Mame32 will release betas. These releases will typically add numerous new games but may tinker with the internal mechanics of Mame such that at times a driver is broken or things slow down. It is likely that these are known issues so please don't complain about them, if you must play a game that was broken return to the previous full release version or wait for the next beta.

This is the question that gets asked the most, why do my old rom sets no longer work with newer versions of Mame32? Mame is a documentation project, sometimes old rom sets are found to be missing previously miss-dumped or damaged roms, those will be replaced as found. Small color proms are also still trickling in. As new versions of Mame come on board the developers add support for new iterations and often add these files for missing games [or they will delete redundant files], this necessitates using that new updated set. Examples you might see are donkey kong, pacman, etc. from .33b. Run an audit on the game in question [highlight game, use alt-a to audit], it will tell you what files you are missing. Those will likely have been added or altered recently. You will need to locate the changed files or download a new updated set. Note: do not email the Mame or Mame32 teams about roms.

If you're getting the corrupt ROM message, secondary click on the game in the list and choose properties, do an audit on that game [or use alt-a] and you will likely find that you are missing a file or two. See item above, it's probably a missing prom.

F5/Refresh in the GUI. (do this anytime you alter your roms, renaming etc.)

Ensure you have the appropriate folder view toggled, i.e. 'all games' and it doesn't have filtering on it to stop the display of the game you're looking for.

Use the options > reset to default menu choice and check all of the items, restart Mame32.

Final option, manually delete the registry key for Mame32: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Freeware\MAME32

Crashes & Non-Functioning Topics

Delete the .hi and .cfg files for the game that's troubling you.

Check to see that you have a valid zip file and it's not corrupt or read-only.

If you're crashing during an audit or an F5 refresh, you probably have a corrupt .zip, extract it and re-zip. Pkunzip -t *.zip. Note the file that dies during the audit and concentrate on that one. Also verify that if you do not use zips that the folder is not empty, or contains partial or damaged roms.

DDraw errors? Always ensure you have the latest DirectX video drivers for your cards, install the latest DirectX from Microsoft. Some Diamond cards fall into this category. Also consider upgrading to the latest DirectX core engine if you haven't.

More DDraw errors? That's the system telling you that your video card won't handle the resolution / color depth being asked of it. Choose a set resolution, turn off doubling, turn off triple buffering, possibly force 8bpp or 16bpp instead of auto color.

If seeing crashes, try disabling running background apps [in Win98, use msconfig.exe], Norton Crashguard, popupkiller, viruscans, fast find, the office bar, Intellimouse, even IE subscription updates, etc, try moving Mame32 away from compressed [DriveSpace, DoubleSpace, stacker] drives. IntelliMouse and Office Toolbars are a known offenders in this category.

Odd flashing, non-syncing, or other video problems? Try specifying a set resolution like 640x480 instead of leaving it set to 'auto size'. Your monitor may not be able to handle the resolution Mame is requesting.

Funky or inverted colors in game? Try selecting a specific resolution instead of autosize, your video card drivers may be trying to use a res. it doesn't care for.

The game audits fine with Alt-A, but attempts to run it produce the 'missing roms' message box [which is more of a generic error message than missing roms in this case]. This typically means the driver is broken on the MameDOS side, check to verify it before reporting against Mame32.

Games may crash or quit if you are using the BLIT option in default options > Advanced. Not all cards support BLIT, and it's usually not used anyhow.

If you're seeing the Mame32 info screen go white, black, or red with strange colored text, that usually means you have an errant conflicting background application running that's intercepting the calls, the Microsoft Office toolbars tend to do this. CD Player in the task tray can also do it.

Use the options > reset to default menu choice and check all of the items, restart Mame32.

Final option, manually delete the registry key for Mame32: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Freeware\MAME32

Support, Testing, Bug Reporting

For breaking information on troubleshooting techniques or issues related to the latest release as well as updated art, icons, and screenshots go to:


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