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These are just some of the many sites around that feature the Alien, in no particular order. If you've got a link addition, scroll down the page for the Link Swapping section.

Lots of info on Alien vs Predator games, comics, and the movie

AvPGalaxy was a popular source for news on AvP back in 2004. Now it's back!

New and unique site by The Ultimate Predator, providing information on Alien/Predator/AvP cards

Three species, one planet - Planet AvP

Unoficial Enciclopedy of Alien and Predator (Spanish) by Stygimolock

A place for AvP maniacs

Another Joker site, this time for the Alien-hunting Predators!

Alien/Predator Support Group
A site for fans to express their feelings, wishes and stories about Alien/Predator

Aliens Versus Predator Online Encyclopedia
This website has been around for quite a few years, this is its most recent incarnation

Alien e predator Italia
A forum about the fantastic world of alien and predator

The Swedish Avp Fan Site

Aliens vs Predator
A new german Aliens vs Predator Fanpage with Infos, FlashChat, Games, Database, Clanforums and so on...

Aliens vs Predator: Forever Hunt
Rakai'Thwei presents an Alien vs Predator roleplaying chatroom. The Weyland Yutani corperation has set up a colony on a jungle planet. Aliens are now loose and Predators are on the hunt.

Aliens vs Predator/General Chat
Based on Alien vs Predator/General Chat and rpg's. There are Clans to join, etc

Alien's Hive - the Hive
Larissa's brand new Alien Message board with all the goods and hoping for some joining members!

Aliens, Predators, and Marines
This is Journal entry for aliens, predators, and marines - and the site is not just for fans, but for people who have no idea about them

Patrick's Alien vs. Predator2
Welcome to the fansite

Alien News

The Alien Encyclopaedia

Aliens Archive

Colony LV-426 (Corporal Hicks)

Al's Alien Page

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