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U.S. Colonial Marines

The United States Colonial Marine Corps is America's interstellar force-in-readiness. The USCM is America's only major means to forcibly enter a hostile area from space.

The USCM is integrated into the command structure of the United Americas Allied Command (UAAC). There are two primary parts of the USCM: supporting establishment, and the operating forces. The supporting establishment includes, recruiting, training, research and development, administration, and logistics. 58 percent of USCM personnel are in the operating forces.

There are three primary Marine Space Forces (MSF): MSF, Sol, which is responsible for operations in the core systems; MSF, Eridani, which operates along the American and Chinese colonised arms; and MSF, Herculis, which handle operations in the Anglo-Japanese arm up the fringes of the Network. To join the USCM, a potential recruit must be a high school graduate, have a clean police record, and pass a physical examination and written tests.

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